The culture of drinking tea and coffee

Published: 02nd March 2011
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Since centuries, the culture of drinking tea and coffee is following. Ancients have used tea as their beverage and nowadays around 400 million cups of coffee are used every day, leaving the proportion of tea which is much popular amongst Asians. Today tea and coffee both have given rise to many cafes and tea joints in various countries. After oil, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world.

Tea refers to a liquid which is brewed from leaves, berries, roots, barks, seeds and many other parts of plants. Originally, Tea comes from specific plants of China, the black tea shrub and its starting is extremely mythical. The first cup of tea is believed to be discovered in China in the year 2737 B.C; however, the leaves of the black tea shrub began in China since thousands of years ago and then it made its way towards the rest of the world.

Earlier, the Persian traders perform the trekking across Himalayas to trade saffron and other spices of tea from China. In 1559, the tea leaves reached Venetians who were the seafaring merchants and introduced this magnificent beverage to the rest of Europe. Instantly, tea became a rage amongst many countries and thereby, tea culture was adapted by everyone. During early 1660, the Dutch East India Company started the import of tea from China to fulfill the demand in Europe.

In Europe, during yesteryears, tea was reserved mainly for people from wealthy categories because of the massive transportation cost of tea from China to Europe. There begins the culture of drinking tea in Chinese porcelain, in party settings. Eventually, such things changed according to the time, and tea became widespread popular, and many other plants substitutes were discovered in various other countries to meet the growing demands of people. As a natural remedy, Tea is highly accredited for its magnificent medicated purposes and healing processes. In this way, Tea culture is now adapted globally and is the second most common beverage after coffee.

Coffee drinking soared popularity charts as evidenced by Starbucks coffee, CCD, Barista, Robert’s coffee and Pete’s coffee. There are thousands of cafes in all over the world, which clearly demonstrates the demand of brewed coffee and its popularity amongst people of various origins. Coffee made its maiden debut in 850 A.D and by around 1995; Coffee became the world’s most popular beverage. The fondness of this black coffee has made a stir amongst people, which enforce the demand to coin the term as coffee culture.

People madly dash around high-octane fluid, which is Espresso, an Italian beverage, invented in 1903, by Luigi Bezzara. This enriches enlightenment in people, from various origins. Coffee culture started in Europe during 17th century, making Yemen as exporting hub for coffee with enormous profits accrued by this coffee producer country. Coffee was first domesticated in kaficho and Shakicho Zones, where coffee leaves were collected from wild coffee plants that were then brewed as well as spiced with ginger and pepper, to prepare Chamo.

The cultures of drinking Coffee and tea both have significant differences and both stimulate the mind and enrich people with freshness and rejuvenate the whole day with vitality and charisma.

The say one of the best smells is fresh roasted coffee beans. But there will always be an argument between people who prefer drinking coffee or tea.

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