Protect Fine Furniture With Custom Table Pads

Published: 06th July 2011
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A fine table that has been carefully constructed by skilled craftsmen from top-quality woods is a wonderful addition to a dining or living room. Its beautiful finish brings class and dignity to a home, but it can be difficult to protect that finish from the dings and scratches delivered unknowingly by guests or an enthusiastic family. A heavy tablecloth can offer limited protection, but will frequently enough fail to keep heavy plates and sharp silverware from nonetheless inflicting outrages upon the vulnerable surface integrity of a cherry-wood, mahogany or other expensive finish. A tablecloth also will quickly accumulate a variety of interesting stains and must be laundered regularly.

One solution to this problem is to purchase custom table pads. These typically thick, durable pads will fully defend the polished surface of the table and offer an attractive appearance for parties, routine family meals and other exciting events that would otherwise over time batter the table with a sad litany of small wounds. Unlike many tables, these table pads can easily be wiped clean with ordinary household cleaning materials. No special waxes or oils are needed for them.

A perhaps understated advantage to using such pads at family meals or social gatherings is the evident lack of hidden tension on the part of the hosts over the ever-present risk of irreparable damage to their treasured tables. This subtlety leads to a more relaxed environment for hosts, guests and children, who need not be especially cautious about using coasters or protective napkins. Food and drink may be enjoyed more fully without fear of an embarrassing accident that casts a pall upon social harmony.

Most companies specializing in these products will be able to provide a wide variety of pads meant to accommodate dining-room tables, kitchen tables, buffet tables, coffee tables, game tables, oversize conference tables or any others from the gamut of better-class furniture that have found themselves gracing the homes and business establishments of appreciative owners. Pads of decent quality will be heat-resistant and shrug off dirt, mold, moisture and stains from the messiness of spilled wine or sloppy peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. Ordinarily, a fair selection of colors and surface textures will be available to fit any desired motif or color scheme.

One company that manufactures and sells custom made table pads is he Texas based Dressler Table Pad Co. This firm offers a range of pads constructed from heavy-duty vinyl coverings, compressed felt fillings and fabric undercoatings. The company will make home visits on request for customers residing in or close to the Houston metropolitan area, with a representative who will bring sample pads and measure tables for optimum fit. Dressler Table Pad, which uses only U.S.-made materials can be contacted nationwide by telephone at 1-888-320-6845 or by email at Local customers may make appointments for home visits at 281-367-5212. Senior citizens are offered a special discount. Orders can also be placed on-line from their secure order form at

Custom table pads made to the exact size and shpe of your table. We offer several gardes of table pads so you will find a table pad that fits your budget.

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