Importance of Annual Medical Exams

Published: 15th March 2011
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The modern generation is very much aware of the importance of undergoing annual medical checkups. Despite increased awareness of the importance of having an annual checkout, many people still neglect to do this and it is not uncommon for people to skip recommended tests.

Doctors will give clear and elaborated information about the type of tests that you have to undergo every year. After evaluating your lifestyle and related risk factors, doctors will recommend appropriate tests that you should include in the yearly medical check up. In certain countries, government provides their people the authority to deduct a considerable amount of money per year to undergo annual medical test and examinations. People can use this amount to do annual checkups of their spouse and children. To enjoy this facility, people have to fill the appropriate section in the income-tax form.

Importance of annual medical checkups is getting increased since it offers great advantages for people. You will be able to prevent many diseases before occurrence and you can take right measures to reduce the risk factors of common chronic diseases. It is not possible in all cases to identify hereditary diseases or diabetes or hypertension etc at its preliminary stage. But if you do medical checkups every year, you can find out whether your body and health is becoming prey for any hereditary or common diseases. Besides these, annual medical checkups help doctors to encourage and promote good healthy behavior in the generation.

Annual medical checkups are important to update the clinical data that the medical team received in the last checkup. These yearly checkups help doctors to detect diseases which have no apparent external or internal symptoms. Apart from annual tests, people are advised to do certain routine tests whenever they visit their doctor. Blood pressure and weight are the two important factors that should be checked in each visit to a doctor. Do timely blood tests to know your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. ECG is also recommended for both men and women twice in a year. This is very important to detect heart problems such as abnormal heart rhythm and other chronic heart diseases.

Doctors will prescribe special tests for men and women. Particular tests for women include mammogram, CA 12.5 and CA 15.3, Pap Smear and Pelvic Exam etc while men are usually prescribed to do Prostate Specific Antigen. Apart from annual medical tests, people are advised to review all medications including over-the-counter with their doctor. You can discuss any kind of emotional problems with your doctor that you are having recently at the time of annual checkup. Emotional health has great impact over the physical health. So you have to keep a good balance between mental and physical health.

Many laboratories and research centers provide people with the facilities to do annual medical checkups. Such centers will have all latest medical and healthcare supplies to facilitate hassle free medical tests and examinations.

Today’s medical exams are less invasive than those of the past making the awkwardness of a checkup less likely to be an issue. For those who want to safeguard their health, the old cliché still says it best; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. sells Discount Office Supplies and medical supplies as well as exam room furniture. For high quality healthcare and other medical/examination supplies, visit us at

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