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Published: 16th March 2012
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How we spend our free time today? Go to the movies, go to a restaurant with friends, go fishing, picnics and more. But most of us prefer to go on vacation. Trips are now in fashion. Everyone should have at least one trip a year. A trip can help us to relax, forget everyday problems, to our mindset. After several months of work at least one week off can be extremely welcome.

It is important to think and plan such a trip: destination: I go, study: weather, transport, how go there and back, logistics, what I take with me on a trip, fun, what are there, study: objective area or road entourage: who goes and who is there.

I try to make my time enjoyable, but more useful, because in the end to get the maximum possible on the trip. Physical time is the same and if you make things interesting, and if you stay, and I prefer to be "active". Almost always when I left, I knew where to go, we had an end point of the road. There are places where I was and I wanted to go, are probably recommendations from friends and recommendations found on the Internet or in newspapers.

And sometimes there are places where I was and my first impression creates a desire to return there.

It helps to study some details about the location where you want to go, and the best information you'll get from friends who were already there or on the internet, from others who were before you in the area. Specialized sites, forums and blogs are good sources into useful information, probably google your father will serve tray.

It is good that at least one friend or someone in your family know where you go, just in case.

A good time is often necessary and obligatory condition for a trip in nature, but in case you want to visit places like cities, museums, not necessary. Depending on where you go, a plan to adjust the time to be, and sometimes even to schedule a trip to the weather. Study in advance and local climatic conditions, to see maximum and minimum temperatures during that period.

Everyone chooses what goes according to your preferences and capacity of each and possible alternatives: train, car, bus, hitchhiking, cycling. Clothing - the layers. It's best not to rely only on a cloak which one to use in all weather conditions, because there will be very comfortable journey. It's very practical to have some special clothes, like a blouse polar (PolarTech or similar material) because it's a really good and warm, and the breathable skin, so less sweat. To wind a shirt that does not allow the wind can help a lot (so-called "wind-stopper"). Clothes from modern materials are lighter and gives you a better comfort than the classic case of bad weather and the clothes of synthetic materials are better than cotton.

When you go to the mountains helps to be prepared for all weather conditions, day may be hot, cold night and the sun can be replaced at once with a heavy rain. You have to adapt the conditions of the area, and river valleys are cooler evening and night can be cool. Quality shoes. Rather than tearing down the road, you better boots or sport shoes in good condition that can be used without fail. Again, time and weather can decide shoes: sport sandals, boots or normal shoes. Quality backpack! It is one of the most important things for a traveler. In no case the road you need to break backpack. One quality materials: Cordura, ripstop, can make the difference. Usually branded backpacks are much better work, have zdravene seams, zippers good. good connections, good buckles are often treated for water resistance and discoloration may have a waterproof cover attached. Thoughtful pockets able to hold a water bottle equipped with hoses and equipment are also usually you find the quality backpacks. Size backpack? Whichever is the length of the trip. For several days a backpack of 30 liters can be more than enough. For longer trips, one of 65-75 liters should be enough. It is important to learn how to pack for the trip and how to "fill" bag.

Enjoy your holiday!

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