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Published: 09th June 2011
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I always prefer making a dish, which takes the minimum cooking time. One such dish I relish is ‘Easy Vanilla Slice’. The speciality of Vanilla Slice is that only a few ingredients are required and takes five minutes to prepare. Isn’t this amazing? It serves 5 to 15 people. All you need to prepare for this dish are 1 packet of Arnotts Sao biscuits, 600ml cream, 1 packet vanilla instant pudding. For icing, take 1˝ cups of icing sugar, 2 passion fruits and two tablespoons of butter.

Method: Apply foil to a medium-large square container. Place a layer of Sao biscuits in the container. This fills the entire base with the container. Then, beat cream to make it thick. Now, apply this beated cream and pudding together on the biscuit layer. Again, place biscuits on top of the pudding mixture. Mix all icing ingredients and spread then over the top biscuit layer. This container should be left to refrigerate overnight. Small pieces of passion fruit can be sprinkled on the top. Pudding can be chosen according to the taste. If you prefer chocolate instant pudding you can replace that with vanilla. Icing can be any preferred choice of yours, chocolate, vanilla etc.

When I serve this dish in a party I had many compliments for this special dish. However, there were few suggestions.

Suggestions: Use strawberry instant pudding and make a pink icing match. It will be a great hit with the kids and is super tasty.

Instead of Saos use lattice biscuits. The dish turns out to be more fantastic. This is absolutely a weekend special dish. I left it overnight in the fridge and, it was absolutely yummy. My family consumed it in less than 5 minutes.

Another dish I relish with vanilla slice is Quick French vanilla slice. This is also a quick, simple and easy dessert.

To prepare this delicious dessert a few ingredients are required. 250 gms of packet milk coffee biscuits, 100gm of instant vanilla pudding, 600ml of thickened cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla essence.

Method: Line the medium sized container with baking powder. Place coffee biscuits side by side. Mix vanilla, pudding and cream to make a thick paste. Spread this paste on top of the biscuits. Put remaining biscuits on top of the mixture. Dust the mixture with icing sugar. This delicious dessert is ready to serve. This is a very quick and easy to assemble with an excellent presentation on the serving bowl. If you wish to leave it overnight it takes much more delicious. If required you can add passionfruit as a topping. As mentioned earlier the flavours can always be chosen accordingly. You can experiment with strawberry and chocolate flavours.

There are few other recipes, which you can prepare with Vanilla slice. Most of them are quick and easy to prepare. It tastes delicious when you leave this recipe overnight. The first time I made the slice was not proper but after some trial and error methods I found the use of custard powder made the recipe to the right consistency.

I am always looking for new cakes to make. I have been trying to replicate this vanilla slice recipe.

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